Training syllabus

The SaltStack Training course provides an IT professional the fundamental skills needed to manage modern infrastructures with SaltStack.


This course is presented in the following format:

  • 2 full days


All students are provided:

  • A Salt cloud environment for hands-on labs
  • Training documentation covering theory and code examples


The training begins with the installation, configuration, and use of remote execution modules for basic salt management tasks.

The course then builds on those concepts with the implementation of Salt states. States include creating SLS files and state trees, setting requisites and declarations using the default YAML and Jinja renderers. This includes instruction on utilizing Salt grains, pillars, and formulas.

The Salt security section outlines the management of keys and ACLs. Advanced topics included are Salt runners, returners, reactors, and Salt orchestration.

Salt topology considerations will cover multi-masters, Salt syndic, and standalone minions configurations.

The training also introduces concepts of extending Salt through the Salt API, writing custom execution and state modules, and utilizing the event system.


All students are required to have:

  • Personal computer with any modern operating system
  • Basic knowledge of Linux/Windows OS internals
  • Basic knowledge of network principles

All students are recommended to know:

  • Using version control systems (Git)