Lab configuration

The entire documentation for SaltStack Training course is available at URL

Following list shows configuration servers and managed nodes deployed in the training lab.

SaltStack All-in-1 Training Lab
Name IP address Service OS
cfg01 assigned at premise Salt Master, 3 Salt Minions Ubuntu Linux

Workstation configuration

You need to connect to your configuration server to port 22 to connect to your config server.

Linux/Mac configuration

Please download SSH key id_rsa.

Use terminal of your choice to connect to your configuration server’s IP address.

chmod 400 ~/Downloads/id_rsa

ssh -i ~/Downloads/id_rsa  root@<ip_address>

Windows configuration

Download the private SSH key from id_rsa.

Change the function keys and keypad under Terminal/keyboard tab to Xterm R6.


PuTTY Xterm R6 configuration

Then under Connection > SSH Auth tab press the Browse button and select your id_rsa.pkk file.


Add private key to PuTTY

Finally go to Session and put root@<PUBLIC_IP> under Host name. Then type workshop under Saved Sessions and press Save button. Now you can start your saved session.


Save PuTTY session

Lab connections

Once on the cfg01 node, start screen terminal session byobu.

cfg01# byobu

Use F2 to open new window and F3/F4 keys to switch between opened windows and will be used to start the svc0x minions.